Always in motion

As a contemporary tap dancer, Andrea combines rhythm and movement to explore new expressive possibilities. Originally from El Salvador, she completed her professional training in classical ballet in Honduras under the Royal Academy of Dance system, in contemporary dance with Ballet Creole in Canada, and in tap dance with Onemoretap in Spain.

She has toured with CODACA in Central America and the Caribbean, METAMORPHOSIS in Mexico and the Swing Machine Orchestra in Spain. Since 2017 she is a founding member of Sebastian Weber Dance Company from Germany, where she lives nowadays. As a soloist, Andrea also produces, dances and teaches worldwide.

Her dance piece RAVEL, together with Spanish violinist Raúl Márquez, premiered at Leipzig's LOFFT in September 2021. In improvisations and compositions, the piece draws quotes and homages to the diversity of cultural traditions.

With Nikolai Kemeny, Andrea has been touring internationally with the BLUE TAPS concert series since 2018 and also recently collaborated on his new stage production COSMIC TAP, which is the symbiosis of intuitive music and improvised percussive dance.


Photo: Sebastian Weber

Photos: Jörg Singer

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